How to rent a dumpster to clear your house


May 7, 2024
dumpster in Jackson, MS

Buying a home in Mississippi is both exciting and stressful. Indeed, the excitement due to carrying out a project and the stress due to moving and cleaning the premises. Among the essential points that worry owners when purchasing a house is the management of their waste, which helps with sustainability. Since when you have just finished construction or completed your renovation work, you will need to dispose of your waste. With this in mind and in order to help you remedy this type of problem, we will talk to you in this article about dumpster rentals for house clearance.

Rent a dumpster to clear your house

If you are preparing to move into a house in Mississippi, which you have just built or renovated, among the necessities you should think about, renting a dumpster is at the top of the list. This alternative will be of great help to you, since it will allow you:

  • to get rid of waste
  • to empty everything in record time
  • to live directly in your house after a good cleaning
  • to declutter your property of all the excess items that no longer serve any purpose

In addition, this type of junk disposal service not only allows you to get rid of waste, but of anything that can clutter you up, whether furniture, objects, materials, etc. The rooms that are often concerned are cellars, attics and garages. These are places where waste and unused objects accumulate over the years. And since sorting is not always easy to do, the best alternative is to rent a skip to clear out your house or apartment.

The steps for renting a dumpster to clear your house

Renting a dumpster that will help you clear out your house is very simple. Here are the different stages:

Find a dumpster rental company

The first thing to do will be to find the company that meets your requirements and needs. To do this, you can rely on websites such as Cheap Dumpster Rental Jackson, as well as reviews left by people who have tried this type of service.

Contact a dumpster rental company

Once you have found the specialist company that meets your requirements, contact them and explain your needs. The company will ask you for all the information it needs to offer you the skip you need and its price.

Make an appointment with the skip rental company

Once you have agreed on everything, including the price of renting a skip, simply pay an advance and set an appointment for your work.

House clearance dumpster

The options and prices of renting a dumpster to declutter your home

You should know that when you go to rent a dumpster, 2 options are available to you:

Standard rental of a dumpster for clearance

This rental has a very big advantage, which is that of having the dumpster near your house for a certain period of time, which is generally equal to the duration of your work. However, if you plan to put it in public property, you should know that you must have authorization from the town hall, well before requesting your rental.

Express rental of a dumpster for clearance

Unlike the first option, this one does not require any permissions, regardless of where you put it. Thus, the dumpster is at your disposal for a maximum of 45 minutes. After this period, the company will collect the skip and send it to a professional and eco-responsible recycling center.

The prices for renting a dumpster to empty your house

When it comes to house clearance dumpster rental prices, it’s not an exact science. Each company applies its prices and its own way of doing things. However, the different characteristics that may influence prices are:

  • The rental time of your skip
  • The distance separating you from society and the recycling center
  • The volume of the skip

Options included in the rental

Thus, it is clear that the longer the rental time and the volume of a dumpster, the higher the price will be. To give you an idea, please note that the price range can go from $250 to $950 for a price excluding tax and for a duration of 7 days, taking into account its transport as well as waste treatment.

You will have understood, for a clearance and a cleaning of a house from top to bottom, in which you will not have to worry too much, there is nothing better than to rent a special skip to empty the house. You save time, since you do not take care of transport or sorting at the recycling center. It is an ideal solution following work, before a move, or even for emptying a large house after an inheritance.

How to find a company specializing in dumpster rental in Jackson and its surrounding areas

We have looked at renting a dumpster in order to rid your house of multiple bulky items. If you live in Jackson, you may need this type of container because you probably do not have a garden to store your bulky waste while waiting for it to be collected. So, a reputable junk disposal company like Cheap Dumpster Rental Jackson should interest you.

Before selecting a service provider, make sure beforehand that the latter has different models and sizes of skips because depending on the access to your street, or the space in front of your home, you will need a suitable container in terms of volume and of surface area. Also find out about the services offered by the company, in terms of the recovery or not of certain waste for example, or the destruction of documents. Finally, check the reputation of the service provider by consulting customer reviews and looking at their references.