How to Get Free HD Channels Without Paying To Cable Operator

How to Get Free HD Channels Without Paying To Cable Operator


In the era of dish TV and set top box, there are many people who use service from cable operators. These cable operators are affordable than the other companies providing the service. The only drawback that it has is the quality of channel. The cable operators do not provide HD channels and hence they demand more money in order to do so.

Today, we will tell you how to get HD channels for free. Do not get shocked. You have heard it right in the first instance. Let us see as to how this magic can be done.

How to Get Free HD Channels Without Paying To Cable Operator

Discover the local channels and their strength

First you have to find your local channels as well as you must be aware of their strength. This can be done by visiting TVFool website. Enter the information there and then get the details that are required.

Once you have entered all the data, you may get a list of channels with the details about their broadcast signal. Your area of focus is the list of broadcast signal.

The main thing

Place your antenna in an ideal place. You can mount it on window so that it catches the best signals. But do not make a mistake of mounting the antenna permanently before you are totally satisfied. Once this is done, connect the antenna with your TV using a coaxial cable. If the antenna is amplified, connect it to a power source.

Once you connect the antenna with your TV, open the TV’s setup menu. Scan the available channels. This may take a couple of minutes. When it is done, you will be watching HD channels. If you are not getting proper signals, repeat the scanning process or try adjusting the antenna.

So friends, we are sure you will try this. Let us know if you get the HD channels for free or not.